Australia Day Free Beach Yoga

YIDL beach yoga



To celebrate Australia Day we held a free beach yoga session.
It was a great morning. As it turned out, Beach Yoga became
Yoga in the Park as the wind was too strong.


A lovely group of 15 practitioners came, with our youngest yogi being 11.


The session was a team effort - lead by three of our teachers -
Yamuna, Tyag and Hanuman (who will soon be permanently relocating from WA).


The class included postures that worked our abdominal muscles. Great for
core strength, protecting our lower back and also for activating Manipura Chakra.


Tyag taught us Agnishar Kriya and Nauli (churning of the stomach muscles).
Two practices that help us to activate and clear our digestive tracts...
Which was the perfect preparation for the delicious fruit breakfast that followed!


At the end of the class, during relaxation, we lay under the blue cloudy sky
and felt the earth beneath us. It's a treat to practice yoga close to nature...
Although windy days can aggravate Vata so grounding is needed for balance.


Thank you to all who attended. We had a great morning.

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