Last weekend we held our Spring Vegetarian Cooking Workshop.

Once again it was a morning filled with yummy food, sunshine and delightful
company. There is something special about sitting down to a feast with a bunch of great people. 

This workshop we learnt how to make:
~ Sourdough bread
~ Adzuki bean dip / dressing
~ Scrambled tofu with veggies
~ Chana Daal
~ Chocolate bliss balls with strawberry cream sauce

Here are a few snaps from our yummy morning:


Yamuna getting us all set for the workshop...

Gangotri's delicious sourdough bread...

Adzuki bean dip / salad dressing...

Meanwhile our littlest yogis made some creations of their own!

Everyone got to help prep for Tyag's tofu dish...

Cooking camp-style on the outside fire, with some help from Heidi...


The delicious finished product - Scrambled tofu with veggies (and hungarian spices!)...

Julie, our resident daal expert, demonstrating how to make chana daal...

Feast time!


And of course it wouldn't be a feast without dessert -
Heidi's bliss balls with strawberry cream!


If you would like a copy of the recipe book from our Spring Workshop,
please contact the centre.

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