Yoga benefits our whole being ~ body, mind and spirit. Yoga is a practice that originated in India thousands of years ago. Through Rishis/Sages and Gurus the authentic teachings have travelled through time and space into this modern time, to support wellbeing of all through simple, nurturing, holistic practices.

Asana is the name given to the physical postures and exercises that are accessible to all people regardless of age or level of physical fitness. Through Yoga in Daily Life, we are guided on a journey in which our bodies are prepared and nourished through basic asanas, toward deeper, all encompassing asanas that provide wellbeing for our whole self. Muscles, joints and all body systems benefit. Through the practice we come closer to our authentic, healthy way of Being. As babies and children, we naturally moved into Yoga postures as we began to grow and play. As you read this, gently roll your shoulders and feel again the ripple of tension release and the rejuvenation that echoes through your whole being.

Pranayama describes the breath practices in Yoga that nourish in such a way as to align us with the most natural and healthy flow of breath rhythm. Through the gentle extension of breath into the whole abdominal area we begin with the Full Yogic breath. This first step is a step toward greater wellbeing and we can practice it anywhere any time, as the breath is our constant companion. As we continue on the journey we meet with pranayama practices which, like asanas, become deeper and enriching for our whole being. Just gently inhale deeply and fully into the abdominal area now and experience that wonderful Yoga journey. 

Meditation is the practice of quietening our thoughts and touching that quiet, peaceful space within ourselves. For a time we journey from our external day to day lives, with our commitments to family, work, society and visit our inner self. The beauty of this practice shows us, that as we journey into our external lives once again, our stronger inner self is present. This enhances our daily life in numerous practical ways, bringing clearer concentration, awareness and many physical and emotional benefits, which support living a positive life. Meditation can be practiced by people from all cultures, all religions, from all positions in society. Meditation brings us closer to our true selves. Find a quiet space, close the door to your senses, let your body relax, and for a time just visit with your breath rhythm or a much loved mantra and enjoy the journey as you sail to your true self.

Yoga Nidra is the Yoga practice of deep relaxation. This practice takes us on a journey in which our whole body can soften, open and rest, whilst we remain fully aware and conscious of our natural breath flow and inner space. The "Sleep of the Yogi", brings us into a quiet space where we can be fully awake, while nourishing our whole being as in a state of deep sleep. 

Yoga means to "join" or "unite", our whole being, our true selves. We journey through the asanas, pranayama, meditation and yoga nidra practices to come home or unite with our authentic true nature. We may journey this path and enjoy all the benefits of this ancient practice, from ancient teachings, in our present day lives and be awake to the world we live in. With this comes a fuller, deeper experience of living, relationships, work, family and ourselves. 

~ Kavita


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