Off the Grid Camping retreat in NSW

Yoga in Daily Life Dungog - Off the Grid Camping retreats Read More

Mountain Yoga retreat 14 - 16 October 2016

Long weekend Sunshine Coast Retreat at Mount Mellum 28 April till 1 May ....Yoga for the Body and Beyond click here for details Read More


This short video (cut from 1 1/2 hours of filming) was recently filmed by a professional couple who were staying at the Beach Health Retreat (Sundeck Apartments) in Cotton Tree. The Beach Health Retreat package includes a weekly pass at Yoga In Daily Life and many of you have met some of the guests in the classes already. We will be welcoming one new participant Annika this week. The video was filmed during a Wednesday morning class in our studio.

Yoga in the Workplace

Yoga in Daily Life Sunshine Coast was invited to present a taste of yoga and meditation to the lovely nurses at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital Read More

Yogi Total Body Cleanse

Hatha Yoga Kriyas is a sequence of classical yogic techniques for cleansing our bodies internally. Under the expert guidance of Tyagapuri (senior Yoga teacher of Yoga in Daily Life) we cleansed our bowels (Shanka Prakshalan) (all 9 or so metres of them), our Stomach (Dhauti), Nostrils (Neti) and our Sinus cavities (Kapal Bhati). Read More

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