Yogi Total Body Cleanse

Nauli Shanka Prakshalan

Hatha Yoga Kriyas is a sequence of classical yogic techniques for cleansing our bodies internally.

Under the expert guidance of Tyagapuri (senior Yoga teacher of Yoga in Daily Life) we cleansed our bowels (Shanka Prakshalan) (all 9 or so metres of them), our Stomach (Dhauti), Nostrils (Neti) and our Sinus cavities (Kapal Bhati).

We learnt that our digestive tract is at the core of our physical and mental health and that by keeping it clean we can dramatically reduce or risk of developing one of the many diseases that are becoming more and more common in our modern world.

Processed and denatured foods, rushed eating habits, the presence of many chemicals in our environment and various pressures and stresses from the fast pace of life is overwhelming for our bodily systems. Over time this manifests into dis-ease.

This cleanse is an excellent opportunity for anyone feeling tired, lacking joy and enthusiasm for life, or with skin conditions, achy joints, bloating etc.

Taking responsibility for your own health and actively engaging in improving it is a rewarding experience.

Hatha Yoga Kriyas Explained…

For everyone the first time is a challenge as we are asked to take some unusual steps.

Light fasting the night before and the morning of the workshop is required as it makes the process much easier.

The first step is Agnishar kriya and Nauli. Exercising the abdominal muscles takes a bit of practise but is a great preparation. This technique can be incorporated in your daily wellbeing routine.

The Shanka Prakshalan itself takes about 1-2 hours. It consists of some special Yoga asanas that help the warm salty water to wash down the entire tract. You know of course where it eventually ends up.

After the water has become clear, we move to the stomach cleanse, drinking ample warm water (Dhauti) (no salt this time), then cleansing nostrils (Neti) and finally clearing sinus cavities (Kapal Bhati.)

Everyone lies down for Yoga Nidra (usually the best relaxation you have ever had) until we finish the workshop with a special meal designed to realign the digestive tract with healthy mucous. Nothing has ever tasted so good!

To look after our “baby bowels” a diet free of aggravating substances is followed for a few days/weeks. The workshop is a great chance to break some unwanted habits and start afresh.

The rewards are plenty: feeling lighter, fresher, motivated to eat healthier food and feeling proud of yourself for overcoming some inhibitions, breaking unhealthy eating habits and making positive steps to a healthier and happier life.

These cleanses are recommended twice a year and are most useful at the change of season. Summer feels less hot and winter less cold.

Join us next time!  For more info email: sunshinecoast@yogaindailylife.org or tyagapuri@gmail.com

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